CUISINAIRRE Cotton Candy Floss Maker Machine Review

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The CUISINAIRRE cotton candy floss maker machine 1100W MAX is made from all high quality material designed to give you hours of fun use and loads of the cotton candy for your family. The base is constructed from stainless steel with a chip resistant pink coating. The spinning head is also made from high quality aluminum to provide years of service.

This cotton candy maker is designed perfectly for your home or for your church group or other organization. It will produce cone after cone of the fantastic treat that all kids cannot get enough of. It fit perfectly on your kitchen counter and plug into any 120v outlet.

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The overall construction of this cotton candy machine is sturdy with high quality stainless steel frame of the base. They put a high quality spinning head made from quality aluminum and powerful motor and 1100 watt heating element. It is topped by a large all metal bowl that clips into place. The all-metal bowl helps to make clean up easier.

CUISINAIRRE Cotton Candy Floss Maker  Festures

  • 950w operating output; 1100w max output
  • Stainless steel supply drawer
  • Removable bowl for easy cleaning
  • 25 free cones;  2 free extra drive belts
  • 1 free stainless steel sugar scoop
  • Voltage: 110/115V 60Hz and hign efficiency

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The CUISINAIRRE cotton candy machine uses all solid-state controls including voltage meter, heater on/off switch and power on/off switch. There is also a drawer made of all stainless steel to hold all the necessary stuff for making cotton candy. Be sure to use the bubble cover to help prevent any injuries from people standing around from flying sugar when the machine is running.

The machine package comes with some extras that make your purchase worth a little more; a long handle sugar scoop (for the safe pouring into the bowl) and two spare belts in case one breaks at the wrong time. The last thing you will find in box is 25 bonus spinning cones. All of the extra accessories will fit safely in the stainless drawer located at the bottom of the base unit.

Looking at all of the reviews that are posted online, the CUISINAIRRE cotton candy maker is great little machine. However, the comments were mixed but mostly positive. One reviewer had great things to say about the machine as well as the customer service provided by the manufacturer. They loved how the cotton candy came out of the machine, which is definitely a plus. Some reviewers pointed out that they did not like the fact that the exterior color of the base is pink. The large stainless steel bowl was definitely a big hit with reviewers. Click here to read more reviews.

After reviewing the reviews posted online I would definitely recommend the CUISINAIRRE cotton candy floss maker machine from the Shadow Ridge Trading Company to everyone. All of the positives that this cotton candy maker offers make it a great purchase.

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