Great Northern Old Fashioned Counter Top Vortex Cotton Candy Floss Machine Review

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The Great Northern old fashioned counter top vortex cotton candy floss machine is a dependable and reliable machine that makes cotton candy making really simple. The magnificent design and beautifully made cotton candy makes this unit best for parties and other social events.

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This commercial cotton candy machine features a stainless steel kettle that makes cleaning a breeze, a stainless storage drawer that helps you store various spare parts or even scoops and cones out of the working area for lesser mess. The machine itself is high performance grade; belt driven motor guaranteed to work continuously to yield one cotton candy per 30 seconds.  The cotton candy maker also includes two spare belts in the event that one break making sure the fun of making candies will not stop there. vortex cotton candy maker uses an industry leading 950-watt high performance heating element that warms up quickly and heats up just the right temperature thus creating great quality cotton candies.

6301 Vortex Cotton Candy Machine Features

  • Takes 30 seconds to yield one cotton candy cone
  • Works continually with volt display and volt controller
  • Simple to use with built-in fuse for safety
  • Large Drawer with three storage grids
  • High efficiency machine 950W-1050W @ AC 110V
  • 12.8 x 20.5 x 30 inches weights 30 pounds (Free Shipping)

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This counter top vortex candy floss machine also boasts several safety features, so fewer accidents will happen while making candies. The cotton candy device has an easy to use on and off switch, a built in fuse to guarantees safety, a volt controller and volt display, has four clamps that reduces vibration and support the base of the machine, a long sugar scoop that prevents spillage that makes putting sugar in the kettle very simple; lastly, the metal bowl shields the electrical wirings away from your hands. The bubble top accessory (sold separately) will keep the candy from spraying over a large area and potentially dangerous sugar spray. The cotton candy machine saves electricity by stabilizing the power.

Making cotton candy with this device is so simple: just turn on the motor switch and warm up for 2 minutes. Next, turn on the booster, which you can adjust from 100V to 110V and let it warm for another 4 minutes. Use the long sugar scoop that is included in the package to put sugar in the kettle and begin making cotton candy. The large sized drawer has three grids where you can store scoops and cones and other cotton candy making materials separately so you can easily access all equipment needed in an organized fashion.

Great Northern Vortex Cotton Candy Floss Machine Review

After looking for product reviews about the Great Northern Vortex 6301 cotton candy maker received a 5 star review from a customer who guarantees using this cotton candy maker is so fun to use. Very easy to set up, cotton candy is produces at amazing speed that they are having a hard time keeping up with it. The head spins at around 35000 rpm, so the bubble top accessory is also recommended by reviewers.

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One of the negative points that a reviewer mentioned is that this cotton candy machine produces sparks as she was trying to use it. No specific details as what caused the sparks are pointed out. The vast proportion of reviewers had none of these issues. Most real life customers have been delighted with this model.

Overall, the Great Northern Old Fashioned Counter Top Vortex Cotton Candy Floss Machine 6301 was rated 3 stars in and is recommended for all cotton candy lovers. Click here to check it out.

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