Nostalgia CCM505 Vintage Countertop Cotton-Candy Maker Review

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The Nostalgia CCM505 vintage countertop cotton candy maker was designed to bring a little taste of a carnival to your home. Your kids will love the taste of fresh spun cotton candy any time you want. It looks just like a vintage cotton candy cart and it fits perfectly on any counter top. It is so simple to use with or without specialty sugars.

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This vintage cotton candy maker is very easy to use, simply pour the measured amount of regular sugar into the center bowl and turn it on. For a more fancy color and flavor your family is sure to enjoy you can by specialty cotton candy sugars in a variety of colors and flavors. After you turn the power on and wait a few minutes the floss will start to flow and with several spins of the plastic cones (included in the package) you will be ready to serve.

The overall measurements of the CCM505 are 11 x 11 x 12 inches and will easily fit on any counter top. The Nostalgia CCM505 cotton candy machine is made of all sturdy material and the base is made of chip resistant stainless steel and designed to look like a vintage carnival cotton candy cart. It has over sized wheels just like the full sized cart would.

Nostalgia CCM505 Vintage Countertop Cotton Candy Maker Features

  • Creates an instant carnival atmosphere at home
  • Antique-style cotton candy cart with vintage lettering and oversized wheels
  • Center heating element quickly spins regular or specialty sugars
  • Removable bowl for easy cleaning between uses; includes 2 plastic cones
  • Measures 11 by 11 by 12 inches

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Clean up is a snap with the large removable bowl you will be able to just swipe clean after each batch of cotton candy is made. Then place the bowl back on top and latch it on and start fun all over again.

The spinning head and heater assembly are stored securely underneath the big bowl and away from the operator to protect you from the spinning and heated parts. The power switch is easy to locate on the front of the machine.

The reviews for the Nostalgia CCM505 vintage countertop candy floss machine are pretty good but they are a bit mixed. On the Nostalgia CCM505 received 147 reviews and a 3 star rating out of a possible 5 stars, which is not terrible but not great either. One reviewer was really disappointed with the description claiming that you could use plain sugar and they found out that it did not work at all. We found one reviewer had a really bad experience with the machine they bought, it actually vibrated itself right off the counter when they turned their back.

There are also a lot of positive reviews, several of the reviewers thought it was the cutest thing they ever seen and it was the reason why they chose it over any other model. One reviewer really liked how easy it was to clean up after each use. On other sites, the reviews were even better.  Click here to read more reviews.

During the research phase for this cotton candy machine review, we found hundreds of reviews for this candy floss machine. Most real life customers have been delighted with this model. Check out the video on the right hand side of this review, and see how this cotton candy maker would impress your kids!

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