Great Northern Vintage Style Vortex Cotton Candy Floss Machine with Cart Review

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The Great Northern Vintage Style Vortex Cotton Candy Floss Machine with Cart was designed to bring the favorite treat of millions of kids all over to your home or group event. With this commercial grade cotton candy maker, Great Northern brings the nostalgic look of the old fashion circus cart to the modern family. The size of the bowl makes it a perfect fit for large groups like churches, day care centers and any other organization with a large number of kids.

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At the heart of the Vintage Style Vortex Cotton Candy Machine is the powerful 950 watt heating element and commercial grade high performance belt driven motor combined with the large metal bowl to create loads of cotton candy treats for a room full of kids.

Great Northern designed many safety features into this cotton candy maker to ensure that everyone that comes in contact with it are free from danger while enjoying a great old fashioned treat. The over sized metal bowl keeps the user away from the wiring in the base. To help keep the over sized metal bowl securely in place there are four lock down clips positioned two in front and two in back. They created  an optional tall cover to protect those that maybe near from flying hot sugar and floss.

Great Northern Vintage Style Vortex Cotton Candy  Machine Features

  • Built-in Fuse for safety; Easy Use with front ON-OFF Switch
  • Works Continually and Yields one cotton candy cone per 30 Seconds
  • Optional Bubble yields better performance and eliminates potential dangerous sugar spray!
  • Four Clamps reduce vibration and secure the base to the stainless kettle

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The addition of the cart to a traditional table top cotton candy maker provides so many benefits like; plenty of storage and and extra stability. You will find a large drawer that will hold all of cotton candy making stuff organized so you never have to search for anything again. The drawer is segmented into three sections to help you keep everything organized like the spare drive belts.

All of the controls are located on the front of the cart for easy access including the ON/OFF switch. You will also find the voltage control knob and voltage display LED to help you achieve the necessary voltage level to help the maker create continuous amounts of floss for a large number of cotton candy cones.

The Great Northern Cotton Candy Floss Machine only has a few reviews that we were able find and the majority of the reviewers really loved the machine. One had a really big family and grew tired of renting a cotton candy machine for the family’s special occasions and were thrilled after purchasing the Vintage Style Vortex Cotton Candy Machine. One reviewer mentioned that despite the large size it was actually relatively lightweight and the large wheels make it easy to maneuver. Another reviewer was really happy with how easy it was to clean up the machine after getting finished serving everyone. On the negative side, one reviewer was disappointed that Great Northern did not include the bubble cover as a standard feature. Click here to read more reviews.

Overall it would appear that the Great Northern  Cotton Candy Machine is great machine and well worth cost, especially if you are purchasing it for a large organization like a church or day care center. The positives far out weigh the only negative I could find and I highly recommend you buy the optional bubble cover to protect your family members and guests from possible flying sugar. I would highly recommend this cotton candy maker to everyone.

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